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Monday, September 28, 2009

Sharing Time and Meals with Friends and Family

One of the most satisfying rituals in my life is sharing meals with friends and family.  It gives everyone an opportunity to have face time.  In an era with cell phones, ichat, twitter, email, blogs, etc,  I often feel like I am not sure if I am being listened to, or that I myself am fully listening.  Whether it is the computer, the t.v. or the kids there is always a distraction, but when you are sitting face to face and having a meal, sharing the moment, drinking a glass of wine, the background melts away and there you are.  It is just the people you would like to be with in the moment.  This seems so simple, yet it is profound.

I had one of those weekends....time with just my mom.  Time with two different girlfriends.  Time with friends at a gathering.  It was a splendid weekend, with renewed energy for the future and what excitement there is to come in this life.  

Not to leave the food portion of the show out....our friend's 85 year old mom made one of her favorite's; breaded clams served on the clam shell....a beautiful presentation with a sliver of red pepper for color on a beautiful white shell with toasted bread crumbs.  An assortment of beautiful cheese is always appreciated and this time was no different, there was goat, cow and sheep, as represented by the silver pins stuck into each hunk of cheese (Thank you for that!).  More than enough for everyone and everyone indulged. Those beautiful crackers are from Lesley Stowe Raincoast Crisps (   The salty date and almond crackers are my favorites right now, but check out the other flavors, including fig and olive.  
Other delicious tasty treats of beautiful dry cured olives, giant bright green cerignola's and tiny green Spanish olive that could have been off of our trees, perfectly briny and tasty.  Frittata with Artichoke that really hit the spot.   The petite fours seem out of place in this day and age, however, they were mini birthday packages and each one was a deliciously different flavor.   I know, I tasted them all.   Dried, dark chocolate covered pears from Michael Recchutti are my favorite.  They are a crisp crunch in your mouth but without all the sweetness of a truffle.   It is a perfect match.    Thanks for a lovely day!

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