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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

organization on the brain

The days are getting longer and we have the promise of a new year to catapult us into a better and happier place than last year.  I'll take that!

January is such a great time to re-organize.  Organizing your surroundings is like re-organizing your brain.  It allows space in your life, creating openings that you might not have thought possible before.  What works one year, doesn't always work the next.  Reorganize and make room in your closets and drawers by giving away clothes that are worn or no longer fit.  Books that you have enjoyed, pass on to friends and family or donate to your local library.  I actually gave away a few cookbooks the other day....a hard thing for me to do, but I only want so many, and they are piling, taking over our shelves.  

The other area of my life that seems to always get cluttered is my kitchen cupboards.  Partly its the ingredients that I like to have on hand, and partly the space is too small and not properly suited for storage (its a poorly designed kitchen, that is a fact).  However, the kitchen is the room I use the most and I want it organized, like yesterday. 

I cleaned my house from top to bottom the other day and gave away magazines that I had moved and re-arranged and now am moving them out the door.  I have enjoyed them and hopefully someone else will too.  Clippings of beautiful living room designs, kitchens that showed elements that I would like to use, or bathrooms that I used to design my last house, I tossed.    The project was over, I have moved on, its not doing anything now taking up room in my file cabinets taking up space.

Last week, I started with one room at a time, cleaning as I went.  I pulled things off the shelf first, then added them back only after I asked myself whether I needed it, would use it in the next year, or who did I know that would enjoy it more?   A few seconds of thought per item only.  It was cathartic, cleansing and it feels healthier to be living in a less cluttered space with more Fung Shui (

As I have gotten older, I only want to be surrounded by beautiful things.  Things that bring beauty into my life.   Over the years, I have loved saving letters.  Now that translates into too many letters  and they aren't going to bring back those loved ones that have passed.   I have my memories and love in my heart and they will have to be enough.  Another thing I have realized is things aren't people.   I have my mother's dishes that I cannot seem to let go of....they aren't particularly beautiful, but I am sentimental....about to become less so.  They are going!  Out the door. 

Organize for yourself.  Organize for your family.
Happy New Year!  I hope this year brings happiness, health and good fortune to you and your families.  Happy Cooking!


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Lucia said...

I too am too sentimental. I have closets full of things that belonged to others who are no longer living. Perhaps someone else can make good use of these things... next stop Goodwill. Great post. Very inspirational!