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Friday, September 18, 2009

First Morning Blog

Good Morning Foodies!
I have finally, after many years in the food business and catering business, have decided to start blogging. (I know, I am a late bloomer) I hope that this will be a journey that goes both ways....I send out, and you send back.

I would appreciate your comments, encouragement, ideas, gifts, thrills, tastebuds, and more will keep me encouraged to keep writing, and to keep creating wonderful delicious food that is wholesome, direct from my farm, or neighboring farms, and keep the continuum of local, lasting and d'lish going. If you hear of anything that would be of interest to my tastebuds, or eye (buds?) then please pass it on!

I am very interested in the food quality that is in the bay area and our extended regions, but also food for value is my middle name. So if you like a place and you think it is reasonably priced for what it is, please let me know! Of course, I do like to hear about places that are extra special Michael Mina, but for most folks....this is not a regular affordable dining spot.

Warm Wishes for a fun foodie feasts!


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