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Thursday, June 16, 2011


 Marley & Lockyer
 There is something great about getting older, you are forced to slow down.
Have you ever thought that you were racing around but not getting anything done.  Too much on your plate?  Frantic heart racing?  I am sure you have.  Many of us feel like we can't get off the just keeps rolling.  I am beginning to see the error of my ways and have started being more mindful.  Since slowing down, I feel more in control of my processes, more able to handle the tasks at hand, and unwilling to compromise on the pleasures for of life  (like sitting by the pool a couple days ago, guilt free)  It has made me realize that I have been living my life all wrong, and for many years.  I was sucked into the multitasking, go, go, go life of more is better.  But its not.

I can say this because for years my mother-in-law has been calling me a whirling dirvish, one of those Russian dancers that moves so fast your head spins.  Also, because I have been disappointed sometimes in the outcomes.  I haven't always gotten things done that I have totally been into, have sworn I was going to do, and would have been beneficial for me to do.  So what is up with that?  Well, I think it is because I couldn't slow down enough to be in the process.  To take the process seriously and create the time for the process.  As we all know it is about the process.

So Slow Down, enjoy, and really take the time to savor the experience of whatever it is that is right in front of you, this moment.  Don't think about when you have to pick up the kids, or how much laundry there is, or whether or not you can go to that show with friends this weekend.  Be in the moment.  Savor it.  You only have this moment right now.  So enjoy.

Happy Cooking and Being

Our road this past spring
Brassica Oleracea (Roman Cauliflower )


jen said...

Glad to read your post! Haven't been here for awhile. :D

Have a Fabulous day!

Tricia O'Brien said...

Thanks Jen. Glad to see you here! Hope all is well with you!!
Have a great week. Tricia