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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New York Minutes

I love New York.  I wish I could spend a month, a year, or more time than just a few days here.   In New York, time seems to be accelerated.  I get caught up with the vibe, the motion, the heartbeat of the city, then I too am a New Yorker and in the mix, for that day or week.   I love taking the subways, walking for blocks and blocks, seeing art at the museums and eating at great restaurants, and of course the people.   New York people are no-nonsense people.  They gripe, they work hard, and they do it with a smile.  That’s life, in New York. 

EATALY: One of the entrances

This last visit was perfect timing.  The Green Market at Union Square was open two of the three days I spent in New York and I got to go to the new Eataly Market on 5th Ave.   Eataly is like being in a European market with a fresh produce area, fresh meats and cured meats, cheeses, dried pastas and sauces, a chocolatier and three small restaurants.  Its the brain child of Mario Batali, Lydia Bastianich and partners to bring to New York a world class market with high quality ingredients found all over Italy. 

Freshly Made Pasta at EATALY
We started with cappuccinos both mornings, and watched as people from all over the world took in the space, the feeling and swooned over the marble interiors and their morning beverages.  It’s a classic style market with a New York feel.   We marched around checking every corner out, from the bookstore and kitchen wares to the produce and charcuterie.  We grabbed some fresh proscuitto and breseola, along with a beautiful La Tur cheese, country breads, tomato tapenade, salsa verdure and green tomato jam.  This last one I wanted to compare with my own that I made this summer.  Yummy, but a little too sweet for my taste. 

Il Pesce Menu at EATALY
Beautifully prepared Squid at Il Pesce

Still being on West coast time, we settled down (for our breakfast) at an early lunch at Il Pesce.   The restaurant espouses seasonal, locally produced or grown, market to table fresh seafood.  They served Rhode Island oysters, locally harvested squid and fresh Yukon gold and Peruvian potatoes.   All landed on our table in no time and were quite delectable.  The white fin tuna and scallop appetizer was delicious, but skimpy.  

I recommend going just before lunchtime, or you’ll be standing rather than walking, through the marketplace.  The interior is not intuitive, but there are signs telling you which direction to go, also there is only one place to pay as you are exiting, so look for cashier signs.  All in all, EATALY is a striking contrast to most shopping venues in New York.  Its got everything you need to make a delicious Italian meal and more!  Buon Appetito!  

Other New York notes:  Love, love, love the food trucks in NY.  We have always checked these out, but they seem more popular than ever.  Here are a couple of venues that we thought were well marketed.  
Mini Cupcakes Kiosk in SOHO/ Truck out on patrol
Have you visited New York lately?  What are some of your favorite places to eat?    


Debbie, Brookfarm Alpacas said...

Yum; is it time for dinner yet? Great pics and love the look of your Blog.

Sally said...

We had a blast. I found a new place called Marconys. On the East side - Check out the website...

Also, we loved Spice Market... very cool atmosphere and mahvelous food. I'll keep in touch when we are in Sonoma!!!

Tricia O'Brien said...

Thanks for the tips! We have only had a drink at Spice Market, but we ate, instead at Pastis, Balthazar's sister restaurant. I love the meatpacking district....have you been to the HighLine? Its an elevated park on old railroad tracks that is running about 10? blocks....its incredible and a beautiful stroll with views of the city.
Happy Cooking! Tricia