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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

1st FOOD BLOG potluck dinner

Last Month's Potluck for FOOD 52

When the word potluck comes to mind, it conjures up an array of casserole dishes brought with love, but often duplicated, or indistinguishable from the one sitting next to it.  Not so at our FOOD52 potluck dinner last month.  Some of the dishes were Crab Lasagne with pine nuts, Potato salad with green beans and proscuitto, goat cheese and caramelized onion in filo, Tuscan pork shoulder, pear chutney, pickled green beans and more.  Desserts were equally beautiful and yummy; orange glazed sugar cookies, tiramisu, spongecake, and fruit and chocolate tarts.  Our hostess extraordinaire, AntoniaJames set a beautiful table, while other foodies; ChezSuzanne, zestyginger, Amber Olson, Linzarella,  Mleconge, Daphne, Porktopurslane, Dymnyno, and Agbaber, partook in swapping food stories, life stories and new information about blogging and food-related business tricks.  It was a blast!  Try a potluck the next time you entertain.  Ask friends to make their favorite dish and see what happens.

Bon Appetite and Happy Cooking!


Anonymous said...

Looks very yummy any recipes esp. the crab lasagna and chocolate tarts..............reuts

Tricia O'Brien said...

I will see about getting you that recipe! It was delicious. I can probably recreate it from my white lasagne....but not sure how much crab she put in.