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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Boon Fly Cafe

Saturday morning brunch is a revelation at Boon Fly, a quaint, easy to get to, restaurant situated on HWY 121 near Domaine Carneros and Di Rosa Preserve.  Plan an outing to the Di Rosa Preserve for their eclectic collection of California artists.  They have an outdoor sculpture garden or inside gallery and a separate house.  The house is floor to (literally on the) ceiling full of art.  It is worth going to and seeing just who really is a California Artist.  If you didn't know, you will find out here. 

Back to the Boon Fly, Executive Chef Jeffery Jake is consistently brilliant in his selection of ingredients and execution at this delicious charming cafe.  The Green Eggs and Ham consist of real hash brown potatoes with poached eggs on top and then three pieces of delicious honey-cured ham, smothered with a lemon leek cream sauce.  Simply yummy and big enough to share....really!  This is easy enough to try at home.  Next time I am here I will try their Benedict with Jalapeno Hollandaise.  

On a sweet note, these donuts remind me of the real ones we used to get at the Franklin Cider Mill in Michigan, near where I grew up.  Drizzle or dip them with the dark chocolate sauce they serve on the side!  It is divine and guaranteed to make you feel like you must run around in circles to burn it off.  Worth every nibble.   Warning, they are highly addictive!   Bon Appetite! 

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