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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Bargain is a Bargain Politically Speaking

 $5 Cheeseburger with French Fries
Tonight on my way home I decided to check out the Breakaway Cafe in Sonoma and their Tuesday night special.   $5 Cheeseburgers!

Since I don't eat burgers (red meat, in fact) I ordered an Ahi Tuna Burger....more $$ but I don't compromise on the no burger policy.  (I haven't eaten one since I was a kid....honestly, I don't even remember the last time I had one....probably over 30 years ago.)

While beginning my order with a glass of white wine, the server suggested tonight's special, a $3 glass of white wine from Cline vineyards.  I tried it!  Who can beat a $3 glass of wine?  I don't even remember the kind of varietal it was...probably a sauvignon blanc.  But again, who can beat a decent $3 glass of wine.

While waiting for my food, I sat alternately watching the TV and the food that was coming out for servers to pick up.  One Senator, one hamburger, and so on.  On television, each Senator from the Finance Committee took a turn at the podium talking, I could only imagine of what, since the sound was turned down.  About their plan perhaps, their idea, or how their idea would help the American people, etc. etc....blah, blah, blah.  All the while, hamburger after hamburger after hamburger kept coming out to be served.   All the hamburgers looked the same and they all had fries.   I began to see the Senators all looked alike as well.  They were all varying shades of white, their hair white, their faces old.   I also noticed they all had makeup on, as if they were celebrities.  When did that happen? I thought to myself.  When did they go from behind the scenes silently working for the people to serving themselves?

Back at the counter.....more Burgers, I counted 8 total at one time, waiting for pick up....
When I have previously eaten here I found the food to be OK.  Good enough, as my friend and I like to say, knowing that if we made it at home for ourselves, there would be more garnish, more delicious ingredients, more substance and less plate.  But a $5 burger is a $5 burger and they include service with that thank you very much.  Before I came in, I thought they probably make it up on the wine served.  No,..they don't.  Not on a $3 glass of wine.

Breakaway's generous offer of $5 Burger Night does bring people into their restaurant during a slow night.  But judging by the packed house and the people waiting for tables, they may have changed their eating habits so they can dine out once a week just for the pleasure of getting out and being in the community of the town.  Let's not forget that a restaurant is a meeting place.

If only our Government was The Breakaway Cafe.  A place where we could all go for a Tuesday night Burger to ease our pocketbooks and meet our neighbors.  If it was, the impact would be far reaching.   It would stimulate the economy and revive or maybe help employ some of the millions of people unemployed currently.  If nothing else, it would feed people's souls.

Perhaps hamburgers are not the best analogy for our Government, but don't get me wrong, I am just in it for the food.

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pnolan said...

Love this!
FYI -- I suspect your hamburger analogy for the Finance Committee members is only slightly off; they are all hot dogs.