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Monday, April 1, 2013

Table Tops!

I was very inspired last week after having the chance to go to La Tavola Linens' gala party for their new 2014 linen lines.  What a beautiful array of tables linens, flowers, and table top decor that is mostly unique to La Tavola.  All these beautiful colors and designs will help us create a beautiful table top for any event of yours!   Think Spring Weddings with some of these great designs.  Or re-imagine them with a touch of fall.

The colors make you swoon!  The fabrics are even more beautiful in person than the photos.   I apologize in advance if some of the pictures are a little blurry,  I was balancing food, wine and photo-taking and couldn't seem to stop any of the activities once I started.   The Fremont Diner did a fantastic job with the food- mini oyster po'boy sandwiches, crostini with goat and asparagus, arancini with peas and a BBQ pork slider.   Crisp made a beautiful dessert buffet as the coup de grace.  What fun!

Here are some of La Tavola's beautiful linens that were set up for us to admire and applaud.   I hope you enjoy!!  Tricia
Easter Special
Our local Gelato purveyor


My favorite/Indigo batik fabric
April Showers 

Springy double designs

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